TAB’s Business Diagnostic

Is everyone in your business on the same page? Is your business on track with the industry at large? TAB’s Business Builder’s Blueprint™️ Business Diagnostic is an online MRI for your business, designed to address ten key areas of performance that affect practically every business.

Based on a study of thousands of companies in dozens of industries, and the similarities of the challenges they faced, TAB’s Business Diagnostic helps you assess your business, identify gaps and focus on your priorities to boost the performance of your company.

Follow TAB’s Business Diagnostic with TAB’s Business Builder’s Blueprint plan to achieve your business and personal vision. Take advantage of the only business assessment tool you’ll ever need.

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Business Builder’s Blueprint™

More money, more time for you or with family, more freedom – do you remember why you started your own business? Chances are you aspired to achieve your dreams – rather than simply accomplish tasks – and TAB’s Business Builder’s Blueprint™ tool is about doing exactly that.

A proven strategic business planning process focused on forming the business owner’s vision of leading a successful business while also living a rich fulfilling life, the Business Builder’s Blueprint™ will help you demystify the strategic planning process with a clear picture of how to achieve your strategic direction and vision.

Find more enjoyment in your business and experience more happiness in your personal life. There’s no better way to formulate a plan for success.

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Pulse Survey

Small Business Trends

TAB’s Business Pulse Surveys Identify Small Business Trends

The modern business environment changes quickly, and as a business owner you need to be able to stay on top of shifting small business trends. That is why we conduct our Business Pulse Survey every quarter to identify and report key small business trends.

This information is critical to you because it allows you to benchmark your business metrics against the emerging small business trends. The Business Pulse Surveys will also help you see new opportunities that may be emerging, allowing you to drive innovation, growth and overall business success.

Place your finger on the pulse of today’s emerging small business trends. Click on any of the icons below to see the complete reports of our recent surveys.

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Tips from the Top®

Tips from the Top®: Small Business Tips From Business Owners For Business Owners


What Millennials Really Want

Over 55% of Millennials in the workforce are not engaged at work, and more than half of them say they are currently looking for a job.

This information probably won’t surprise the many business leaders who have experienced the challenges in motivating employees from different generations.  This same group of leaders have probably also noticed that foosball tables and espresso machines have very little impact after the novelty wears off...

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TAB-Winnipeg Welcomes Newest 2 Board Members - Steffen Zinn and Jim Mydonick

TAB-Winnipeg Welcomes Newest 2 Board Members - Steffen Zinn and Jim Mydonick

Steffen Zinn, President, Flatlander Hospitality Inc. Wall Street Slice Ltd., 
The Red Ember is a food truck that serves wood fired pizza with a focus on local and sustainable ingredients. Over the past 6 years TRE has developed a loyal customer base and enjoys a very good reputation in the City of Winnipeg.
Red Ember Common opened in October 2018 in The Forks as our first bricks and mortar location. Together the companies employ over 20 people. Plans are in the works for opening a new pizza concept location, Wall Street Slice at 753 Wall St. in early 2019.
Steffen Zinn has his Red Seal in cooking and has been in the hospitality industry for 22 years. He was Sous Chef at St. Charles Golf Course and Executive Chef at Pine Ridge Golf Course.
Steffen has been successful in several culinary competitions locally and nationally and holds 8 gold medals as well as two bronze.
Jim Mydonick – President, InterCity AutoBody Inc.
230 Jarvis Ave, Winnipeg, MB R2W 3A1
InterCity AutoBody (ICA) is an insurance payment based full service autobody collision repair & glass replacement facility in Winnipeg MB.
In business since 2000 ICA currently have 10 employees and are considered to be among the best in Winnipeg & our surrounding area.
ICA reputation for high quality repairs and expedient repair time turnaround is second to none.
ICA is MPIC Direct Repair– ICAR- BBB-CAA accredited repair facility.
ICA are also members of CFIB-WCOC and the Manitoba ATA.
Jim Mydonick is the founder and president of InterCity AutoBody.
After years of working in the trade Jim started ICA in 2000.
The company is now in its’ 3rd location due to continuous growth.
At TAB-Winnipeg we are looking forward to working with Steffen and Jim to take their Businesses to the Next Level. 
If you would like to learn more about how TAB's processes and tools can help you to grow both personally and professionally - please contact Kim Christie. 


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Separate Policies from Employee Handbook

Separate Policies from Employee Handbook

Since your Employee Handbook can be treated as a legal document, it’s better to put "rules" and "policies" for your company in a Policies and Procedure Manual. Policies also tend to change more often and so it's better to get them into a document like the Policies and Procedures Manual that can be updated frequently.

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Set New Employees Up for Success

Set New Employees Up for Success
As part of your HR policies, it is very important to have a structured onboarding process.
The number one reason employees fail in their job is due to a lack of clear expectations.
The onboarding process establishes clear expectations upfront, improving your chance of a successful hire.
Training Steps
When training an employee to do a task, particularly during onboarding for a new job, always remember 4 steps:..........


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Do YOU have a Job Description?

Do YOU have a Job Description?

Ideally everyone in the organization should have a job description - especially the Owner/President/CEO.

These job descriptions should be available for everyone in the company to review.
If during the course of operations a question comes up....... 

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Working it Out with Partners

Working it Out with Partners

Working with partners can be tricky business! First use empathy - saying what your partner is thinking. This will diffuse defensiveness. State your intent - what's important to you and why. Describe what you think is the case (i.e. how you think things are supposed to work) and ask if this is correct.


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Quick Tips

Top Five

Top Five

Ask your Staff who have been with you over 2 years to give you their top 5 reasons for working at your company and the top 5 things they would change. A good idea to repeat this exercise annualy. 

By : TAB Winnipeg Board 401

What Is, Is Not!

What Is, Is Not!
If everything is a priority, nothing is a priority.
If everything is important, nothing is important.
If everyone is accountable, no one is accountable.
If every success factor is critical, there are no critical success factors.


By : TAB Denver West Board 202

Insurance Liability

Insurance Liability - Protect your Investment while maximizing future gains

With insurance liability, it is important to keep a clear wall between personal and business. If you as an owner are paying expenses personally on behalf of the company, any litigation against the company has a greater chance of spilling over to the owners personally. 

Also make sure your corporation is set up to protect your assets. Ask your corporate lawyer and accountant how to structure your company assets. Should you hold land and buildings in a separate Hold Co? This strategy may also make it easier and more tax efficient when you sell and exit your business - if you decide to sell the Op Co - but maintain ownership of the Hold Co. 

By : TAB Winnipeg Board 501

White Papers

Resources for Business Advice

TAB’s white paper library contains a variety of resources for business advice.

At TAB, our mission is to help all private business owners achieve their vision of success in both their businesses and in their personal lives. To help us achieve that mission, we produce a variety of quality resources for business advice for business owners around the world to access.

Are you looking for advice on your most pressing issues? From strategic planning and increasing profitability to leadership and work-life balance, our white papers are invaluable resources for business advice, aimed at helping you take your business to the next level. Our white papers are written and vetted by some of the most respected business experts in the field. Every business owner faces similar challenges, but now you have access to resources for business advice available for download at the click of a mouse.

Tap into TAB’s resources for business advice and start running your business more effectively so you can get what you truly want out of life.

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TAB Connect

TAB’s Business Owner Network

TAB Connect is the ultimate business owner network

It’s better to give than receive – and that’s exactly what the TAB Connect business owner network does. TAB members in Northern NJ help each other solve their business challenges by tapping into our global business owner network.

Submit your business challenge or opportunity questions to TAB Connect and receive feedback from a network of thousands of business owners from around the world. Contribute your experience to other members of the community in a very active online “members only” collaboration group, or take advantage of a member hotline complete with multiple community resources and a TAB facilitator.

TAB Connect is the ultimate business owner network designed specifically to help you quickly resolve your business challenges. Connect with TAB and experience global business owner networking and TAB member collaboration at its finest.

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Business Coaching Sessions

TAB Business Coaching works hand-in-hand with Board Meetings

Knowing what you want out of life is only half the battle. The other half is a real opportunity to keep you focused, accountable and on track to achieve it.

TAB Business Coaching provides a trusted advisor you can count on to help you increase business performance, work through business opportunities and challenges, achieve greater success and truly live the personal and professional life you desire. TAB Business Coaching sessions will make you focused with more balance – and what feels like more time in your schedule to sit back and soak up the signs of success.

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TAB Board Meeting

Business Owner Advisory Boards

Inside a TAB Business Owner Advisory Board

TAB’s Business Owner Advisory Board Meetings put the power of collective wisdom, accountability, drive, creativity, and clarity of advice in your hands to align your business vision with your personal vision. Meet with fellow business owners in Northern NJ to share expertise, solve challenges and help each other seize new opportunities. With your TAB Business Owner Advisory Board, you will create an actionable strategic plan and be held accountable to achieving your goals – all under the guidance of a qualified board facilitator. Are you ready for your own business owner advisory board, a sounding board of like-minded, driven and experienced professionals? Get ready to achieve your goals: join a TAB Business Owner Advisory Board.

Here’s what happens at a typical TAB Board Meeting:

  1. We greet each other like the comrades we are on both a personal and professional level.
  2. We learn something new about a particular business subject or trend.
  3. One by one we move around the table with each member sharing a particular issue or situation on which he or she wants to gain perspective. Each board member asks questions to clarify and then offers salient and practical advice on how they would handle the issue wearing your shoes.
  4. We list the goals we have for the next 30 days, quarter and year and hold each other to them, questioning why we have not met the goal and how the board can help.
  5. We set the agenda for the next board meeting.

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