Five Tips From March 2019 TAB-Winnipeg Board Meetings

Five Tips From March 2019 TAB-Winnipeg Board Meetings
1. How to track re-work to reduce labour/material costs to Improve your Profit, Quality of Product/Service AND Customer Satisfaction?

Add a timecode for rework into your time tracking system.This can be used to measure the quality of the work you perform and monitor if you are improving.
Remember to also track material costs of re-work - if applicable. This can form the means to quantify, measure and improve Quality Control for your company.
Re-work usually means you had to pay staff twice to do the work and you may have paid twice for the material as well.
Almost guaranteed that you lost money on that job - and that your customer may not be happy.      
TIP - Whenever you decide not to charge a client for something be sure to send a No Charge invoice anyway as a reminder of what you have done for them and they see how much you saved them.
2. Need HR Help? Many Small Medium Enterprise (SME) Business owners need help with developing and executing HR. Consider outsourcing HR to HR specialists to free your self up for other corporate objectives you are better suited for.
TAB Winnipeg Board Members have had Spotlight Presentations at Board meetings from 3 such HR companies - that focus on helping SMEs.  
Many TAB-Winnipeg Board members have found great employees from MB Start.  Good immigrant candidates that are hungry for an opportunity in Canada.
This program is funded by the Provincial and Federal Governments so there is NO CHARGE to your If you want to learn business for finding you applicants.  
If you want to learn more click here Manitoba Start - Bringing You a World-Class Workforce We connect business to a world-class workforce and provide newcomers with career development services.
If you would like to know who the other 2 HR resources are - email me today.
3. Need help managing projects? BlueBeam Revu - Bluebeam develops innovative solutions that set the standard for collaboration and workflow efficiency for design and construction professionals.
For those who design, engineer, bid and build our world, Bluebeam® Revu® is how professionals get more done. Learn more. 
4. What doe the future hold? Look for leading indicators on your financial and operational reports that can help you understand your company’s current status and any trends that need to be addressed.
While it is important to review what has just happened (View in rear view mirror) it is also important to look out the windshield at what is coming.
If you don't like what you see coming at you - put action plans in place to improve the view.
5. Get your staff focused on customers to try and unite them as a team to combat internal departmental conflict. 
Create an internal game/contest around utilization or some other area of focus. This can produce positive teamwork to create change on a specific issue. 
When the game ends the new improved practices remain. 
Then you can focus your team on the next area to improve.